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  • A Good Lawyer

    "Mrs. Debbie, I know we are not finished with the bankruptcy but I would like to let you and Mr. Thomas know that I am very pleased with you and your services. When you are an African American you can...

In these hard economic times, you need an attorney who knows how to handle problems with creditors, banks, and the other hassles associated with high debt.

Working with clients to get out from under their bills, attorney Sam Thomas III, guides, counsels, and educates. With him, you are not treated like a number. You get personalized service that the big law firms simply can not give. There's no handing you off to an intern or assistant or paralegal. You work directly with attorney Thomas. And he takes the time to advise you on matters including, disputes with creditors, debt consolidation, working with the banks, and negotiating payments.


The Law Offices of Sam Thomas III, Esq.
1510 E. 191st St.
Euclid, OH 44117
(216) 357-3300 Office
(216) 357-3700 Fax
Phone (216) 229-1521 (direct dial)


The Law Offices of Sam Thomas III, Esq.
39 East Market St LL 1
Akron, OH 44308
Phone: (216) 357-3300
Fax: (216) 357-3700

In his own words

With everything I do, I keep my client's interests in mind. To do that, I have to work harder than the other side. I'm proud to say, I do that too.

- Sam Thomas III, Esq.

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